Natural Make Up

I am so happy to see the days of the thick, caked on make up looks are on their way out. You know the looks you’ve been seeing on Instagram? The layers of foundation, the contouring, the sparkles on the eyes is overkill. Who really has time for this mess? To make matters worse, you see someone’s pic on social media and meet them in person and they don’t even look like the same person. The new look is that of a fresh look. The skin is glowing, without the obvious look of highlighter and contour that’s out of control. The eye make up is subtle with more of a natural eyeliner. The brows are nicely groomed and not heavily covered up with powder. I love this change in looks. You get to see the p

White, Bright and Ready for Summer

The perfect blond is very hard to find and once you do, don’t let your colorist go. This summer is nothing but the blond and when I say blond, it’s a white blond. In my opinion, this trend looks best done with babylights. What’s babylights you ask? Babylights are very fine highlights that mimic kids natural hair color. I usually like to follow up my babylights with a shadow root. A shadow root blends your natural root color into the babylights color to give it a more natural look and it will grow out better. Usually when these techniques are done together, you can go longer between salon appointments. The above images that I took from Pinterest, demonstrate this look. You’ll want to remember

Olaplex VS Protein

What does Olaplex do and is it the same thing as a protein treatment? This was the first question I tried to figure out once Olaplex was launched. Right before the launch of Olaplex and after it was on the market, there was little information out there about it. It was just named the “miracle product” and I was told that I must buy. First of all, Olaplex is not a protein treatment. Olaplex is a rebonding treatment that works from the inside out. It penetrates the disulphide bonds in the cortex of the hair that get damaged during chemical services or over use of hot tools. The cortex is responsible for hair’s strength, color, and texture. Once these bonds are damaged, dry, damaged hair and sp

Khloe Kardashian's Hair Color

EVERYONE asks for Khloe Kardashian’s color…EVERYONE! So I jumped at the chance to train with her colorist, the uber talented, Tracey Cunningham. Of course, I asked her to spill her secrets about Khloe’s color. For one, the process took 2 years to achieve the look pictured. (Patience ladies, it takes a lot a patience and someone who knows what they’re doing!) It also is very important how the foils are placed. Tracey has a very particular way she does her foils and her way makes a huge difference! Finally, she uses no less than 6 toners and finishes up with a shadow root. I was happy to experiment on my client who’s picture is on the right btw. I did everything Tracey’s way except the to

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