Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions

Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions are the creation of stylist, Danielle K. White, @DKWStyling based out of Laguna Beach, CA.  After years of struggling to find a hair extension solution for her fine hair, she decided to create her own. She has spent years perfecting her method and has come up with a fantastic system that not only adds length but adds incredible volume.

Natural Beaded Row (NBR)  is very unique system that includes beads and a string. The beads are used to help hold the string, which in turn holds the tracks of hair. Usually, between 4-7 tracks of hair are used on each row and a client can have up to 2.5 rows in the hair.  The stylist then customizes the amount of hair based on each client’s needs.  The finer your hair, the least amount of hair is used. Also, the thicker your hair is, the more hair you can use. The stylist can also come up with amazing color combinations, since they are the one choosing the tracks.

NBR is great because it gives you more volume than other extention methods. Because the stylist can customize the amount of tracks, you have control of how much volume you get.  Tape ins are a very popular method, but in my opinion, NBR is better because the hair is on a track and not on 2-4 inch pieces so that is how you achieve the fuller look. The stylist can add more rows and that will add more volume too.

Once in, the NBR extentions need to be redone every 6-8 weeks.  NBR doesn’t recommend you go any longer because as like any other systems, it can damage your hair. You take care of your hair just like you reguarly would.

NBR is a very popular on the West Coast of the United States.  Habit Salon, @habitsalon, uses this method in their salon and they are very popular on social media.  Chrissy Rasmussen, owner of Habit, made a YouTube video showing how to apply NBR.

*The above image was taken off DKWStyling Instagram page.

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